Introducing TimeRepublik


Have you ever wondered if it was possible to have a community where you can satisfy all your needs without monetary limitations nor geographical boundaries?

TimeRepublik is a community of people who freely exchange their talents, interests, and passions, and the currency is Time not Money.

Our philosophy


We at TimeRepublik had often dreamt about creating a community of people who would freely exchange their talents where the currency is Time and not Money.

At first we romanticized about going back to a barter society, but we realized we had to go forward, not back.

So we set out to create a new system with global aspirations, and we made TimeRepublik.

We're bringing community back to the way we naturally interact, reviving a once-upon-a-time era where neighbors helped each other out.

With today's technology and a global support team breaking the barriers of distance, we're providing a safe and trustworthy platform for the 'global neighborhood'.

More in details


TimeRepublik is a global online Community which allows users to exchange services, where the unit of currency is not money, but time.

Here, everyone’s time really is created equal. TimeRepublik allows its members to freely exchange services needed. Two users don't have to mutually swap services with each other. Instead, everyone can switch around, earning and spending units of time. Example: You can give your event planning expertise to a member who’s talented in interior design, but you don't need interior design help, so you use the hours of time you earned to get computer programming help from a completely different member. Everybody wins.

What’s in it for you?


Everyone can benefit from TimeRepublik. Whether you already have your dream job, but you like the idea of sharing your time, or you are unemployed, but you think it's important to still keep your skills sharp and gain global visibility, or even if you have a 9 to 5 job and you want to share with the world what you really love to do in your free time. TimeRepublik is the place for you!

Through TimeRepublik you can find high quality services, do what you love and earn time credit for it, grow your network, gain experience, and learn cool stuff.

How it works


1. Register for TimeRepublik - it's free!

2. Choose from categories of skills and services you'd like to offer others to earn time units (ex: translation, web design, accounting tutoring, event planning, etc).

3. Gain hours: meet people, do stuff for them.

4. Spend your hours: getting consulting, classes, tips, or whatever services you want!

People around the world are already sharing more than 100,000 talents in more than 110 countries